Our Story

Since we started in 2016, Msafiri has explored the textile traditions of this country, cherished age-old techniques and fabrics, and sought to renew them in a modern context. 

Our travels have led us to generations of craftspeople creating magic with their hands using sustainable techniques of weaving, printing, and dyeing. We've gone on to build ethical relationships with these weavers and artisans to create designs that highlight the textile traditions of a particular area and recontextualizes them in our contemporary wear. 

Every garment we make is handmade, and many, many times more sustainable than everything fast fashion. A huge majority of our styles are versatile, and can be worn in multiple ways. They're also built to last a long time, which is why we enjoy seeing clients in our oldest pieces as much we love seeing them in our latest. 

At the production level, we ensure zero waste by recycling leftover patterns and trimmings into embellishments, accessories, and even paper for labels and bills. We are - after all - trying to figure out how traditional, mindful, and sustainable practises can be integrated into modern fashion.  

We hope you love these clothes as much as we loved making them.