Our Collaborators

Shivaani Vaishnavi - Resin Artist

We met Shivani in Goa in 2022, bonding over our respective slow lives and dealing with the challenges of entrepreneurship. She has been a resin artist since 2018, when she started in Hyderabad and has since been creating timeless keepsakes for people all over the world. 

You would normally find her cocooned in her home-studio in Panjim, surrounded by little birds and bougainvillaea and  working with colours and flora foraged from all around. If she’s not there then she’s probably  lindy hopping with her friends in a quintessential Goan bar. 

This collection with Shivaani has been many months in the making. From sketches to colour swatches to samples, we’ve gone through multiple iterations to design pieces that align her sensibilities with Msafiri’s while highlighting this coastal colour palette. 

The most special piece from this collaboration has to be our Dabu Earrings. Our signature print - designed in 2018 and loved by all - finds its new avatar as stunning earrings. We’re constantly looking at finding new ways of reusing all our leftover fabric waste and now some of those trimmings are immortalised into wearable art! 

We hope you enjoy wearing Msafiri x Shivaani Vaishnavi pieces as much as we’ve loved creating them for you. 


Kalavati Art Studio / Yashada Shinde - Crochet Artist

Yashada started crocheting as a hobby in Dubai in 2016 and found immense joy in this meditative art form. She started Kalavati Art Studio in 2018. 

You would normally find knitting bright colours and smiling endlessly while watching sunsets by the coast near her home in South Goa. When we met in 2022 at her studio, we spent hours sifting through her treasure trove of yarns - collected over the years - and discussed seemingly endless possibilities. Crochet was part of our first Coastal Edit samples since way back in 2019! But it took Yashada to finally bring our ideas to life. After months of ideating and sampling, we narrowed down on locally sourced yarns with impeccable quality and fits and colours that were timeless and an intrinsic reminder of life by the coast! 

These pieces have been mindfully worked on for many hours and days. Her craftsmanship is exquisite and painstakingly beautiful. Her eye to detail and the commitment to creating quality pieces, just like Msafiri’s - and that made this collaboration one of our favourites!


Coastal Edit 1 was also the result of weeks of conceptualizing and eventual multitasking between the founder of Msafiri, Saanya Khatwani and Photographer & Model Ragini Menon. Fatema Raja assisted on the shoot and fortunately agreed to model as well. Arjun Kanwar is the male model you see in the campaign - as handsome as he is patient.

This Coastal Edit came about how all great collaborations do - with nice, talented folks united by a common desire to make something cool.